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Flooring installations in Maple Grove, MN

Town & Country Carpet’s Flooring Installations are Fast and Effective
Our installation professionals have years of on-site experience with hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, and more.

When you hire our installation professionals to install your floors you are ensured that you will have the fastest and most effective way to get long-lasting results. Naturally you want to make sure that your new floors are being installed in the best way possible because bad installations are a typical cause of wasted money resulting from damages, costs of repairs and replacement costs.

Town and Country Carpets has been doing first class flooring installations for customers in Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minneapolis and Edina for many years. Our insured and licensed installers will make sure your home is well taken care of since we understand all the latest materials and installation techniques for hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, and more. You can request installation in any home area, including bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Professional Installation Is A Smart Move Generally Recommended by flooring dealers and manufacturers because:

  • Some flooring may require special attention.
Some flooring is sensitive to the environmental conditions that it is installed in and the method used to put it in place. For example, hardwood flooring should be left at the site it will be installed in for around 72 hours before it is permanently attached to the sub-floor. This prevents any swelling or warping changes due to humidity. Town and Country Carpets' professional installation team will see to it that your floors are put in the correct way.

  • The work will be completed much faster.
Professional installation people are much faster when completing a new floor installation. Your floors can be placed by an amateur, but may require days or even weeks longer. Our experts can get your new flooring installed faster and better than other local flooring providers.

  • You end up saving considerably more money.
It might be tempting to have an old fashioned do-it-yourself experience. However, self-installation is almost never recommended by flooring dealers or leading manufacturers. The main reason is that it may not be done properly, but the other reason is higher cost. You are more likely to spend extra cash on tool rentals, or repairing flooring damaged through mistakes in the installation process. Avoid the stress and any extra cost by selecting the experts for your new installation.
Flooring installation in Maple Grove MN

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Town & Country Carpet in Maple Grove is always prepared to offer you fast service and low rates for the installation of hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl and more. Call (763) 762-9953 to request a free flooring consultation, or visit our showroom at 9669 63rd Avenue North, Maple Grove, MN 55369 today.