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Why you need a flooring design consultation

While flooring is a significant investment in your home, the selection isn't a stand-alone process. You have to consider flooring that not only fits into your budget and lifestyle but will also coordinate, accent, highlight, and enhance your home. That is precisely why everyone should work with a business like our flooring company in Maple Grove, MN, that offers design consultation.

Our professional designers will listen to your decor challenges, learn more about your vision and understand how it fits in with your lifestyle and budget; if need be, they’ll also offer alternatives. They’ll help you coordinate with furnishings, lighting, art, window coverings, and decor pieces. They’ll also go over, in great detail, documents like the flooring estimate, so you understand what it includes. Most of all, they’ll keep you on time and budget.

I see you offer window treatments. Will the designer tell me why they are so important?

Yes, they will. You may have noticed these are part of our product offering because some floorings fade and change colors exposed to direct sunlight. The proper window treatment will protect your floor (as well as your other furnishings) from UV damage.

What should I expect?

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions. You’ll be asked about whether you have pets, senior residents, kids, and how you plan to use the installation. Describe the room in which it's to be installed and if you can, explain what you like and don't like about your present floor that would be helpful. Remember, the more you tell, the better we can guide you to selecting the right flooring. You should also be prepared to ask questions, especially about upkeep in this midwestern area where winters are long, cold, and snowy!

What should I bring?

Bring pictures from design pages that particularly appeal to you. Include paint chips, fabric samples, and even a vision board. If you go online (Pinterest is particularly popular) and see something you like, bookmark it in your favorites.

Town & Country Carpet and Floor Covering believes in creating lifelong customers, and, to that end, we strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have a fully stocked inventory, so whether you want carpet or hardwood or any other flooring, you'll find it. Visit us for information, inspiration, and a free flooring estimate at our showroom in Maple Grove, MN, especially if you live in or around Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minneapolis, and Edina, MN. We are pleased to offer design consultation services for your next home improvement upgrade.