carpet colors

What are some of the most popular carpet colors?

Yay! You?ve decided to go with new flooring, and the decision is a carpet installation. It adds a lot of warmth and elegance to any home, but you?ll especially appreciate that comfort during those long, cold Midwestern winters.

It?s not just pretty; it?s one of the hardest-working-floorings around. For instance, and you?ll appreciate this, since winter is just around the corner, a rug is a terrific weather insulator. It doesn?t transfer heat or allow it to flow, so if the room is already warm, it?s going to hold on to it. (It works the same way when you need a chilly room.)

There?s so much from which to choose, including fiber, pattern and construction, that it?s impossible not to find the one that fits into your style; some, however, do stand out when it comes to luxury, but that?s subjective and will depend upon how you coordinate your carpet.

How to design the room
Most of us have heard the phrase, ?Design from the floor up? and, while that?s largely true, you might want to choose your sofa first. The reason is because there are many more color choices for rugs than there are for sofas. Get the sofa, install the floor, and then you can paint the walls and accessorize.

Notable neutrals
Right now, neutral, earthy, ?organic? tones, like a beige carpet, are popular. No, they aren?t bland, because you can choose style with texture, such as a frieze or cut and loop.
Don?t even worry that a lighter color will show dirt more easily than a darker one, either, because there?s a lot of technology that can make it stand up to pets, kids and heavy foot traffic.

Neutrals have always been a time-honored choice, but especially so these days, especially in the living room where there can be a lot of square footage and a colorful rug can be overpowering. You can always add some smaller touches of color with accessories like throw pillows, or even an area rug layered over the rug.
Need to refresh, but would rather not do a top-to-bottom renovation? No problem when the floor is neutral, just change up the accessories or wall colors. That?s a lot less expensive, too. After all, are you going to change it every few years when trends change?

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