Vinyl floors complement any interior design motif

Vinyl floors complement any interior design motif

Vinyl became popular as a material for floors right after World War 11. It was lauded for being ultra-strong, as well as for its easy care.

Over the years it's evolved even more and, today, works beautifully with any decor, all at an affordable price. Because of its high-end look, it's appropriate for installation in living and dining rooms, the bedroom, foyer, etc.

The style is one of the greatest advantages, so let?s take a look at how it can line up with some of the trends predicted for 2020.

It?s a terrific mimic of wood and, right now, there?s a herringbone craze going on. It?s expected to extend well into 2020. Many love that classic, rich look and if that?s for you, know that you can get this or other trends, such as parquet, hickory, smooth grains or light tones.

Rumor has it that there will be a lot of interest in brush types next year. Texturing features can give any ?wood" floor a wire-brushed (or hand-scraped or distressed/antiqued look).

Luxury vinyl tile trends

Tiles will keep getting bigger and bigger and wood-looks and leather will be popular. You can get them cut into pieces and any color, pattern, and design is available

Marble, particularly in the bathroom, is hot and you can get luxury vinyl to look like stone, including marble.

In short, you can get whatever you need.


It is:

    • Affordable. With vinyl, you can get the appearance of wood, tile or stone floors, but at a budget-friendly cost.
    • Easier on the feet. While all vinyl floors tend to be softer and more flexible than most hard surfaces, the luxury version has an additional underlayment that gives it even more cushioning. That?s especially good for rooms where you might be standing for long periods, such as the kitchen when you?re preparing a big meal.
    • Durable. These floors can take a lot of punishment, which is why they?re so good for busy places like the kitchen or bath. It?s also one of the most recommended flooring materials for children?s bedrooms or the playroom.
    • Easy installation: It?s DIY-friendly, able to be placed over most existing floors with either a glue-down or click-and-lock method.

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