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Top 5 advantages of choosing a local flooring company

Why choose a local flooring company over a big box retailer? Well, though you may believe the bigger the name, the better the deals, that?s not necessarily the case. Aside from pricing, there are other factors that may surprise you or that you haven?t really considered when dealing with local experts. Let?s clear the air by going over the top 5 advantages of opting for your local flooring specialists ? and why you may want to do so!

1. Flooring experts

At independent stores, the staff aren?t just employees ? they?re flooring experts. Thus, they?re well-versed in all there is to know about soft and hard surfacing. As well, they have a keen understanding of the installation process. With years in the industry, they can answer the vast majority of questions. From vinyl flooring to hardwood options, they?re true floor professionals.??

2. Personalized service

Local flooring companies are known for their superior customer service. To them you?re not just another customer, you?re a homeowner that?s trusted them with their flooring requirements. Overall, you?re sure to get better service with a local showroom.

3. Local economy support

When you support a local team, you?re also supporting the local economy. Ultimately, that benefits your city and state in the long run. If supporting your local economy is essential for your family, then choose to work with an independent showroom.?

4. Reliable, Trustworthy Reputation

Did your neighbor have great things to say about the store where they bought their luxury vinyl tile? Was your co-worker going on and on about their new luxury vinyl that looks like stone? If your local flooring company has a reliable, trustworthy reputation that?s been passed via word-of-mouth, then it?s clear the showroom offers exceptional assistance.

5. High-quality craftsmanship?

Typically, owners of local businesses have a deep sense of pride in the products they offer. Because of this, you?re normally assured high-quality craftsmanship and an unparalleled installation that adheres to high standards.??

If you?re in search of quality materials, a wide selection of options, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service, then look no further than our experts at Town & Country Carpet and Floor Covering in Maple Grove, MN. Come on in?to our showroom?to talk to our on-site specialists about your flooring needs.