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Avoiding the Winter Woes of Snow and Flooring Damage

It?s January. The excitement of the holidays has been packed up with the Christmas decorations and most of us are left with one thing, winter. While the frosted trees and clean white snow can be beautiful, the reality is that many of us are simply trying to ice skate to our cars in the morning without ending up on our backsides.?

We throw salt or sand on our front porches and driveways in an effort to combat what can often feel like an obstacle course trying to get to the car.? While this is great, outside, it?s not so great when it follows you inside on the bottom of your winter boots. The combination of melted snow (otherwise known as water), salt and sand can quickly do damage to your floors. Regardless if you have hardwood, engineered, or laminate floors,? protecting them is something you can not neglect.?

Keeping your floors in good condition really isn?t that difficult, as long as you simply pay attention.?

Here are a few easy tips:?

  • Keep mats or boot trays near all entryways or anywhere people will be coming in from the outside.?
  • Keep your floors dry. This will be your biggest battle.?
  • Keep your floors clean. Try using a water and vinegar combination first. This is the best solution for the floors.?
  • Keep flooring cleaner on hand in case there is a white residue build up on the floors.??

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