Is vinyl flooring durable?

Is vinyl flooring durable?

When you choose luxury vinyl floor products, you can rest assured you'll find them durable enough to fit any need you currently have in your home. Today's post will focus on that durability, so read along to better understand how this is accomplished and what it means for you.

Vinyl floor options are easy to choose

Even if your home is bustling and heavily traveled, you?ll find vinyl flooring to be an outstanding addition to every area. The durability of this product line comes from layers that each brings something new to the experience.

The layers themselves create dimensional stability, ensuring the product's performance over time, while a top wear layer prevents signs of wear from showing too soon. As a result, you'll see fewer dings, scratches, scrapes, and stains over the 20-year lifespan of these floors.

The core layer is responsible for 100% waterproof protection that guards against water damage from spills, splashes, wet footprints, humidity, and more. Many of these products can withstand flood conditions, making them well worth a little more consideration if this is your concern, so stop by today to find out even more.

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