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Whisper by Lexmark Carpet Mills


Color: Bliss

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Whisper Crystaline 50104
Whisper Peace 13310
Whisper Bliss 13320
Whisper Felicity 13330
Whisper Jasper 13340
Whisper Symmetry 13350
Whisper Fortitude 13360
Whisper Assurance 13370
Whisper Balance 13380
Whisper Perseverance 13390
Whisper Composure 13500
Whisper Glisten 39814
Whisper Patience 13300
Whisper Pearl 50105
Whisper Buff 50338
Whisper Canvas 50339
Whisper Ecru 50340
Whisper Camel 50341
Whisper Moonstone 50342
Whisper Suede 50346
Whisper Clay 50724
Whisper Stonebriar 50727
Whisper Platinum 50813
Whisper Chrome 50814
Whisper Crystalline
Whisper Peace
Whisper Bliss
Whisper Felicity
Whisper Jasper
Whisper Symmetry
Whisper Fortitude
Whisper Assurance
Whisper Balance
Whisper Perseverance
Whisper Composure
Whisper Glisten
Whisper Patience
Whisper Pearl
Whisper Buff
Whisper Canvas
Whisper Ecru
Whisper Camel
Whisper Moonstone
Whisper Suede
Whisper Clay
Whisper Stonebriar
Whisper Platinum
Whisper Chrome

Additional colors


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BrandLexmark Carpet Mills
Product Line NameWhisper
Color Name Bliss
Color Number13320
Width 12'
Look Saxony and Plush
Application Residential
Fiber 100% Solution Dyed Primus® PET LexSoft™ Continuou